Improve The Performance Of Your PC

CCleaner is a great utility that will evaluate and clean your system registry. Over time many Windows computers begin to slow down. In most cases the root cause of this degradation in performance is attributable to the system registry. As you install and un-install software and experience software crashes and power interruptions many times it will cause corrupt or invalid entries to be made to the registry. This will cause problems for you if they are not resolved.

The registry is very important as it contains all the information that is needed for your computer programs and hardware devices to run. There are many settings that relate specifically to the version of the operating system that is running. It also contains system preferences, policies and file associations. Many critical pieces of information are stored in the system registry.

Unfortunately Microsoft does not provide a utility or tool that can be used to determine if there are any problems in the system registry or fix them. That is where third party software comes in. CCleaner is freeware that is used to find any links that may be broken in the system registry. Messing with the system registry is tricky and can be quite dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Software makes the process relatively easy.

System Mechanic from IOLO Technologies is another third party registry tool on the market. It is not free but is very good at resolving registry issues and improving the speed of your computer.

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