Help To Improve The Speed Of Your PC

The MSCONFIG tool is commonly used to help improve the performance of your computer. Using this utility you can improve how fast your PC runs. You type “msconfig” and the Run prompt from the Start Menu. In the start up tab you will see displayed a listing of all the programs that start up when you boot your PC. Tweaking this list to have only the most essential and critical software loading will not only improve your boot time it will improve the overall speed of your PC.

When choosing programs to disable from automatically starting up you should keep any anti-virus software running programs to consider disabling include Skype, MSN, media players, etc. But the choice is yours and you are the only person who can determine what is important to you.

Creating shortcuts on your desktop can give you quick access to the programs you disable but be careful to not over clutter your desktop as that can slow down how fast your computer boots up as well.

Be sure not to disable any start up programs that are required by your computer operating system to startup and run.

Windows Defender is a spyware tool that you can get from Microsoft for free. You can use this tool in place of MSCONFIG as well. It is a task and startup manager as well as a tool to protect your system from spyware. If you have a Windows XP or Vista machine be sure to download Windows Defender.

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