How To Run Your Slow Computer Faster

If you want to make your slow computer run faster then there are some easy things you can do. You can remove all the files that are not necessary on your computer by using the “Free up space on your hard disk” found in the Performance and Maintenance section in the Control Panel. This process will take several minutes to scan your computers hard drive you can check or uncheck files that you want to save or delete.

Once you have removed any programs and files you do not need you should run the Dist Defragmenter utility found in the Performance and Maintenance area of the Control Panel. This utility will reorganize your PCs hard drive making the processor have an easier time to find and open your program and files.

How much memory you have available is an important factor to how fast your computer will run. You can adjust the virtual memory settings to be more ideal for your PC. You can also purchase more RAM to help improve the speed of your computer. RAM does not cost that much and can make a major improvement on how fast your computer runs.

All of these things you can do and will notice a significant improvement in the performance of your computer. Keeping your computer system maintained does not take a lot of time or any money and will pay off with a faster running computer.

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