Smart PC Care

Increase and maximize your system’s performance

  •     Get rid of useless data and free more space
  •     Optimize computer speeds with defragmentation
  •     Clear out spyware and viruses
  •     Identify and address registry errors
  •     Maximize the registry for optimum speed
  •     Speed up your PC by identifying outdated drivers

Smart PC Care Video

Smart PC Care is a feature of that enables the user to accomplish multiple tasks without much effort. Speed up your computer with this advanced system as it removes junk files, cleans out the registry and constantly defragments disk space. Optimize your computer with this feature that will save you time and money. If you own a slow PC, Smart PC Care will optimize and maximize computer performance. enables you to create scheduled scans that will run at the day and time you specify. Slow computers are a result of users forgetting to stay on top of PC maintenance. With Smart PC Care you won’t have to remember to service your computer because the program will do it for you. Increase computer speeds by keeping your PC up-to-date and free of useless junk data. In order to schedule the maintenance, simply open the Smart PC Care option, set a default schedule and highlight the files you want scanned. Watch your slow PC quickly increase computer speeds!


  • Able to accomplish various tasks with ease
  • Worry-free AUTOMATIC maintenance
  • Set your own scheduled PC Care sessions

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