Tips To Improve Your PC Speed

Most computers begin to slow down over time. But computers are not like humans and it is not really due to age as much as neglect. Before you toss your older system why not see if you can breathe new life into it?

First look to see what all you have on your desktop and what you can remove. If your desktop is cluttered full with icons you really need to get rid of them. The more items you have on your desktop the slower your computer will run. Use the Desktop Cleanup utility you can find from the Start menu. All you have to do is follow the instructions to remove the unwanted items.

Running the Disk Defragmenter utility is another tool that is included in the operating system that will help improve the speed of your computer by reorganizing your files and programs more compactly on the hard drive. You will find this utility in the System Tools folder of the Accessories folder in the Programs file. Know that if you have not run this utility before it may take a few hours to complete. You should have all programs closed and your screen saver off while running the Disk Defragmenter utility.

Reducing the number of programs that run in the background will also significantly improve the performance of your computer. If you have IM, video and audio programs that startup you may want to consider turning them off as well as other programs.

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How To Get Best Performance From Your Computer

While the benefits of using a computer are numerous when you experience issues with your PC you might think it would be easier without one. Today almost everyone used a computer and would be a bit lost without one. Connecting to the internet, keeping in touch with family and friends who live away, working, trip planning and many other useful ways computers help enrich both our personal and work lives. However if you computer is not performing up to par then it can be frustrating.

As computers age they tend to slow down. If you have always kept your system up to date for software and drivers and performed the recommended maintenance then you may not have experienced these issues. However, most people do not do the recommended maintenance procedures and oftentimes their computers reach a point where something has to be done.

The system registry is a critical component of how your PC operates. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide a utility that will analyze or repair issues in the registry. Fortunately, however, there are some good ones available on the market. CCleaner is one registry cleaner that you might want to give a try. Be sure to backup your registry file prior to running CCleaner or any other utility.

When searching for a registry cleaner look for one designed for your operating system that is easy to use. It should be comprehensive and able to detect any threat present to your system.

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Ways to Improve Your Computers Speed

Viruses, adware and spyware can cause many problems with your computer affecting its performance and even crashing it. One tale tale sign that your system may be infected is you notice that you are receiving a lot of pop up ads when you navigate to web pages. Slow load times for web pages could be another indication of a system with malware on it as well. There are may good programs you can use to find and remove these programs including Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware by Lavasoft.

Making sure that your hard drive is well organized is another thing that will improve the speed and performance of your PC. The Disk Defragmenter program can be used to do this for you. It is found in the System Tools of the Accessories folder. This program will compact the data consolidating it together making it easier for your programs to find and open them.

If you have allergies you know that dust can affect your performance. The same is true for your computer. Use compressed air to clean out the dust that may be blocking your computers fan. If you have a lot of dust it will make your CPU work harder and you need to clean it off.

Using a registry cleaner can also improve the performance of your computer. Please be sure to back up your registry files prior to using any software to make changes to it.

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Things To Do To Speed Up Your Computer

There are five things that are easy to do that can improve your computers speed. In summary they include: removing malware, adware, and spyware; finding and fixing errors on the computers hard drive, freeing up space on the hard drive and adding additional virtual RAM.

Spyware, adware, viruses and all sorts of malware can cause significant degradations of your computers performance. You can find good programs to scan for and remove these threats on Microsofts website as well as from third parties.

Use registry fix programs. The computer registry can be described as the database that contains all of the settings and options for 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows (including Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, and 2000.) It also contains all of the settings for the hardware, software, users, and preferences of the P.C. Whenever a user makes changes in the Control Panel settings, file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected in the computers registry. Many times a registry error occurs and this causes files and data to be inaccessible. If there are numerous minor errors (which is usually the case) a registry fix program will get the data back in accessible sequence and a slow computer will be speeded up with this fix.

Removing as much clutter and junk from your PCs hard drive and freeing up space will go a long way to improving your computers speed. There are several utilities that will help you do this but the main one people use is the MSCONFIG tool. Once you have created more space on your hard drive the computer has more room to use it as virtual memory.

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How To Improve The Speed Of Your PC

The performance and speed of your personal computer (PC) can sometimes slow down due to a variety of issues or problems. This can affect everything from downloading or uploading files to the visual display of graphics on movies and games. With the touch of a few buttons you can have your computer running faster and save yourself a lot of money in repair fees.

Check your computer’s files to see if there are any backup or duplicate files that could be slowing down your computer’s performance. There are some simple things you these procedures are utilities in the operating system that Microsoft provides to you.

You can keep your system maintained by freeing up disk space, improve the speed accessing data, finding and fixing disk errors, protecting your computer from malware infections, and even increasing system memory using ReadyBoost.

If your computer is a bit older then your hard drive might be filled with duplicate or other unnecessary items. Computers come pre-loaded with software that if you don’t use you should remove them from your computer to free up space and help improve how it performs. This is especially critical if you have fifteen percent or less of hard drive space available to you.

The Disk Cleanup utility automatically finds for you any items that can be safely removed from your computers hard drive. There are several types of temporary files that do not go away automatically. Using this tool will help you quickly remove all these items from your computers hard drive.

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How You Can Improve the Speed of Your Computer

The Experience Index is a utility found in the Windows 7 operating system that help you to determine what might causing your computer to run slow. The Experience Index will assign a score or system rating which is the measurement of the speed of the computers software and hardware. The scores range from a low of one to a high of 7.9. You will be provided with a detailed listing that rates the RAM, processor, gaming graphics, graphics, and transfer rate of the primary hard drive.

You will find the Experience Index in the Control Panel when you click on “View basic information about your computer” and look under “System and Security”. Next when you click on it a display of all the information important about your Windows operating system and hardware. You will find the score next to “Rating” under the “System” tab. The index score will be of the slowest component found.

Clicking on the link “Windows Experience Index” that is found next to the score you will see a report that details all of the scores of the five components. These subscores are for the processor, RAM, , gaming graphics, graphics and the transfer rate of the hard disk.

You can replace the component with the lowest score first. If two components have relatively equal low scores then you may need to replace both. You may not be able to replace the processor on the motherboard of your computer so if that component has the lowest score you might have to buy a new computer.

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How to speed up my pc?

If you’ve ever wondered, “How to speed up my PC?” then these secrets may be just what you need. While you may have heard certain tips many times– delete unused files and programs, defragment the disk, and get rid of spyware –there are others methods of speeding up a PC that are talked about less often, but can do a fantastic job.
1: Enable Your Direct Memory Access
Direct Memory Access is something that you have to enable in Windows XP, but should be automatically enabled in Vista. This lets data flow freely between your CD-ROM drive and your computer’s hard drive. If it’s not enabled, your microprocessor has to work to allow this, which slows down your PC.
To enable DMA or make sure it’s enabled in both XP and Vista:
• Open your Control Panel
• Go into System (System Maintenance in Vista)
• Choose “Hardware” and then Device Manager (Just Device Manager in Vista)
• Right click every option beneath “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers” in the list, and check the Advanced or Advanced Settings tab to make sure “Enable DMA” is checked.
If it’s not, check it and you may not have to wonder, ” How to speed up my PC?” for a while, as this can make a huge difference.
2: Add RAM
RAM is your computer’s memory. The more RAM you have, the faster your computer will operate, period. You can purchase RAM and snap it into your motherboard yourself, or have a computer shop or knowledgeable friend add it for you.
3: Clean Your Registry
Your Windows registry is the brains of your computer. Unfortunately, it tends to fill-up with obsolete bits of data, and it’s prone to errors. A good registry cleaner program can sweep it clean and fix those ” How to speed up my PC? ” problems.

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